Build a barrier-free society through mobile technology

Our Product

We build simple and user-friendly mobile apps for the society


Provide audible cuisine information of different restaurants


Identify different banknotes through a mobile phone camera


Updated news, welfare policy and other useful information

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About iSee

iSEE Mobile Apps for visually impaired
User-friendly mobile apps designed for the visually impaired

iSEE is a team from Hong Kong.

Our goal is to break through social barriers, provide services and opportunities through information technology to facilitate equal social participation of the visually impaired.

Through mobile phone technology, the visually impaired can overcome the visual barrier to connect with society, and to live as if they are normal people.
available on google play market available on apple store


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Cyberport Creative Micro Fund 2016

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HKSEC: Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2016 (Champion)

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The Social Enterprise Mentoring Scheme of CUHK (Member)

SOW Asia (Acceleratee)

So In So Good (Incubatee)

Our Team

Michael FUNG


Ching LUI


Yuen TAM


John PUN


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